Shores Outdoors - Classroom & Weather Station

At Atlantic Shores Christian School, we strive to integrate Biblical principles in all that we teach, both inside the classroom and out.  This innovative, comprehensive thinking led us to introduce a remarkable outdoor classroom named "Shores Outdoors - God's Creation Station."  This plot of land provides a unique opportunity for children to learn first-hand what a wonderful world God created!
"Shores Outdoors - God's Creation Station" is a hands on gardening experience for our elementary students, designed to enrich our science, math, and writing curriculum.  The students are actively involved in planting and caring for the garden.  They are able to see first-hand the wonders of God's creation as they explore plants, insects, weather, and more!  We are experiencing a wonderful year as we move from season to season and watch the wonders of creation unfold before our eyes!  Whatever we teach, let it be God inspired!

Our innovative and creative Shores Outdoors classroom has achieved membership in the Junior Master Gardener Program!

Using curriculum from Texas A & M, the students are able to participate in a "4-H youth gardening program that is cultivating youth, families, and communities through gardening."  This is an international program that was developed by the Texas Cooperative Extension and administered through the national Cooperative Extension Network.  

After completing an extensive registration process, Shores Outdoors received a school certificate stating that we will be allowed to adopt and follow the curriculum with our students.  Our 4th grade students will be certified as Junior Master Gardeners!  This program is committed to helping young people become good gardeners and good citizens so they can make a positive contribution to their community, school, and family!

What must the students do to graduate the program?

    Complete 12 activities from the seven teaching/learning concepts.
    Complete one activity from the Life Skills and Career Exploration teaching/learning concepts.  This is very important because it teaches our students leadership skills and project management.
    Complete one Service Learning/Leadership Development project.  This is defined by our own service-learning project that incorporates what our group has learned through the textbook and hands-on in the garden.
    identify needs in our community and come to a decision as a team as to what needs to be accomplished and then implement the community plan as a team.

We look forward to nurturing the servant's heart as well as instilling the knowledge, that as leaders, they must go and teach others through sharing!