Physical Education Program

Physical Education at Atlantic Shores is a great time for the students to learn about sportsmanship, game skills, working on a team, following directions, goal setting and most of all- having fun!
The ultimate mission of a Christian School Physical Fitness Educator is to teach each child what God's Word has to say about the importance of our bodies!  This includes how to take care of them through fitness, through our actions and attitudes, and how to continually be physically active through different games and skills.  Through this opportunity, I hope to motivate our students to participate in a lifetime of physical activities by exploring all avenues of health awareness and wellness.  I strive to provide each child with many opportunities to succeed!


Robin Brewley
  • Activities throughout the year include:
  • Sports Skills and Lead Up Skills
  • Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge
  • Children's Gymnastics
  • Tag Games
  • Jump Rope For Heart
  • Dance
  • Cup Stacking
  • Field Day