Foreign Language

As we learn about the Spanish language, we realize what a BIG and awesome world God has created. As we explore themes such as colors, family, numbers, community, emotions, and animals, we discover how God reveals himself in and through His creation and how He created with order, precision, and purpose. In order to foster a Biblical worldview, Biblical integration is a regular part of class.
The ultimate goal of foreign language is to develop the necessary skills to understand and communicate in another language, to appreciate other cultures, and to instill compassion to reach others through world missions. We will do that through the skills of phonics, grammar, writing, and listening activities, as well as culture study.

Spanish class is fun! Beginning in K3, students play games, get moving, and sing silly songs to help remember those new words. Colored pencils, glue, and scissors are often used in creating any type of project or craft that helps us better understand what we're learning. Introduction to different cultures means music, food, and costumes. Every day is a new adventure here!

Fifth and sixth graders progressed from basic Spanish greetings to describing and expressing themselves, understanding differences in Hispanic culture and talking about the calendar, seasons, and the weather. This foundation should give them a strong start in any middle school or high school Spanish class.