Admissions FAQ

List of 19 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What year was Atlantic Shores Christian Schools founded and is it accredited?

    The school was founded in 1985 and has grown to include two campuses housing Grades K3 to 12. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accredit ASCS.
  • Q. What churches are represented at ASCS?

    We have over 100 churches and 11 denominations represented in our student body and teaching staff.

  • Q. What qualifications are required of ASCS teachers?

    Our teachers maintain certification with the Association of Christian Schools International. This certification requires a four-year degree with educational coursework as well as additional credits in Philosophy of Christian Education and the Bible. Sixty-percent of our faculty have master's degrees. All teachers and support staff of Atlantic Shores Christian Schools are born again believers and are committed to the philosophy of Christian education.
  • Q. How does ASCS encourage students to strive for excellence?

    ASCS challenges each student to do his or her best both academically and spiritually. This is accomplished by a partnership between the school and the parents and the church to make sure that all of our students focus on the Word Of God as their compass in all aspects of study and extracurricular activities. Our goal is to equip our children with the skills both spiritually and academically to achieve their goals beginning in K3 and continuing through 12th grade.
  • Q. Will my child’s security be priority at ASCS?

    Yes. Both campuses are monitored with security cameras. The Lower Campus has a state-of-the-art keyless security entry system. The Upper Campus has web cam security installed in all classrooms.
  • Q. What are the school hours?

    • K3 – K4:
      • Half-Day - 8:30 am-Noon
      • Full-Day - 8:30 am-2:30 pm 
      • Extended Care is available.
    • Kindergarten – 5th Grade: 
      • 7:45 am-2:30 pm (Morning carline begins at 7:25 am and doors close at 7:45 am.  If you arrive after 7:40 am, please park in a parking space and walk your child to the school office.  Please note your child needs to be in their seat by 7:45 am to not be tardy.)
      • Extended Care is available.
    • 6th – 12th Grades: 
      • 8:15 am-3:20 pm (Monday-Thursday)
      • 8:15 am-3:00 pm (Friday only) 
      • Zero bell is 7:25-8:10 am. 
      • After-School Supervised Study Hall is available.
  • Q. Where can I find more information about procedures and policies at ASCS?

    The best place to find answers when in doubt is on our website at The handbook information, school calendars as well as contact information for teachers can be found on our myShores parent portal. You can always contact either the Elementary Campus office at 479-1125 or the Secondary Campus office at 479-9598 with any questions or concerns that you might have.
  • Q. Do you offer a hot lunch program and how do you track my child’s lunch payments?

    With a fully equipped commercial kitchen, ASCS offers a full lunch menu, giving students the option of purchasing hot lunches from a monthly menu.  Although students can pay with cash, it is recommended that parents create an account for their child and place money into the account in advance through RenWeb.
  • Q. Does ASCS offer training in technology?

    Students in grades K3 - 5 are introduced to the basics of proper computer care and use through weekly computer class in the lower school computer lab and every classroom is equipped with at least one computer station for individual use as determined by the teacher. The Elementary students learn with interactive and whole-class learning. ( The Secondary school also has technology integration in all campus classrooms. The computer classes offer instruction in keyboarding, computer programming, and Microsoft applications.  In the Technology Club, students learn computer programming. We also have a fully equipped media center and recording studio with video editing capabilities at the Secondary School.
  • Q. What is myShores?

    myShores is a school management system that provides a web interface for many common tasks done by schools via the computer. myShores stores student records, including emergency contact information and medical records. This site is password protected. Student grades are stored in the myShores system and can be accessed by student or parent at any time. Teachers access student's contact information allowing better communication with parents. Teachers can also update grades from their home computers. The online features of myShores allow students and parents to login through the school website. Grades and attendance for each class are accessible, as well as listings of individual assignments and grades. Student schedules, transcripts, and teacher contact information are also available. Each campus has a myShores specialist available to parents for help throughout the year. Contact either campus for more information.
  • Q. Do ASCS students receive scholarships for college and what are the names of some of the colleges where graduates typically attend?

    Yes. At ASCS it is our goal to see each student prepared fully for college and to see them successfully accepted in their “first choice” college. Our guidance department works closely with each high school student to make sure that they take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them and their career goals.  More than $4.8 million was offered to the Class of 2013 in Academic Scholarships.  Some of the colleges represented by our graduates are: Duke University, Cedarville University, Elon College, George Mason University, Grove City, James Madison, Liberty University, Longwood, Mary Baldwin, Mary Washington, Messiah, Old Dominion University, Oral Roberts University, Taylor, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Military Institute, Wheaton, U.S. Air Force Academy, and West Point Academy.
  • Q. What is the capital development fee?

    The Capital Development Fee is a fee that covers building upgrades, maintenance, and facility (indoor and outdoor) needs throughout the school year at both campus locations. This fee varies by grade and is paid in addition to tuition for each child in attendance at ASCS.
  • Q. Do you have chapel, and if so, how often?

    The Elementary school has chapel on Wednesdays. These chapels are divided into groupings of grade levels. Our 5th grade leadership team develops and leads a chapel for our 4th and 5th graders once a month. In addition to chapels, the Elementary school classroom includes the study of the Bible in their daily curriculum as well as Biblical integration in all subject matter.
    The Secondary school has weekly chapels and host twice-yearly Spiritual Emphasis Events. The students are enrolled in Bible classes and Biblical integration is incorporated into all subject matters.
  • Q. Does ASCS offer an Athletic program?

    At the Secondary level, volleyball, football, track and field, cross-country, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, and cheerleading are offered. ASCS is part of the Metro Athletic Conference, a league that includes Christian and other private schools. ?At the Elementary school, we offer a Little Seahawks Sports program for the 3rd through 5th grade students that cover seven sports and integrates play into the Secondary school schedule. We are proud of our teams and support them, with enthusiasm, during their playing seasons.
  • Q. Does ASCS offer a Fine Arts Program?

    We have an extensive Fine Arts Program at both campuses.  Drama, forensics, speech, art, band, and choral activities are offered for students in grades 6 through 12th. Our Elementary school offers art and music instruction for all grade levels and band for the 5th grade. The elementary and secondary students perform a full-scale theatre production each spring.
  • Q. What kind of advanced and resource classes do you offer to all age groups?

    The Elementary school has an extensive Resource program entitled, “Smart Start”, that allows a student that struggles in a subject to learn at his or her pace with the goal of allowing this child to catch up with the others in class.  The faculty in the resource program supports these students by teaching specific study skills, additional support within the classroom setting in subjects that are challenging, and helps these students to understand how they can maximize their learning skills in the classroom environment. The Elementary school offers a program titled, Scholar’s Lab, which is designed to expand a student’s creativity and critical thinking in a challenging and exciting environment.  This program allows the accelerated student to explore unit-based topics with opportunities to expand their knowledge of the world around them. The Elementary school also offers advanced Math and advanced Reading classes to students who qualify. The Secondary school offers accelerated, honors, AP, and numerous Dual Enrollment college classes in all core disciplines. There are individualized resource programs available to assist students with reaching their academic goals.
  • Q. Do the students that attend ASCS participate in any competitive activities other than sports?

    Our school participates in extracurricular activities such as Young Authors' contests, spelling bees, science fair, math competitions, art festivals, District Band and Chorus, public speaking events, and various other activities to foster emerging skills in our students. These competitions are held within our school and then the various grade level winners travel to various parts of Virginia to take part in regional competitions with other students of other Christian schools.
  • Q. Does ASCS instruct students in the methods of taking care  our environment?

    We have introduced an innovative classroom experience at our Elementary School by including a one-time a-week visit for all grade groups to our “Shores Outdoors” – God’s Creation Station learning center. This area of learning includes the study of plant growth, animal behaviors, weather, and taking care of God’s creation ecologically.  Care of the environment is incorporated into all Secondary science classes.
  • Q. Do you offer before or after school care?

    Before school and after school supervision varies by campus. At the Elementary building, morning Extended Care is available from 6:30 a.m. - 8:05 a.m., and afternoon Extended Care from 3:25 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Extended Care is available to all students for a fee.   At the Secondary building, Structured Study Hall is available after school for a fee.  You may contact the appropriate campus office for more specific information.