Student Life

Spiritual Life

Bible Classes

There is nothing that our teachers enjoy more than sharing God's love with your child. Every day, students learn about the Bible and how God's Word is applicable to their everyday life. Classes pray together and share prayer requests and praises.


Every week, students participate in high-energy and relevant chapel services. Once a month, our 5th Grade even gets to lead a chapel. We believe it is very important to train them now to be the spiritual leaders of the future!


Acts of service are essential to the culture of Atlantic Shores. As early as K3, our students are exposed to service as an extension of our mission. Each grade level at our elementary campus is focused on serving a local Hampton Roads organization.

GRATIS (to give without charge, for no cost, doing so graciously)
Students of Atlantic Shores Secondary Campus perform Gratis in order to more fully understand the importance of service and the practical nature of a Christ-centered worldview, based on the example set by Jesus Christ (Matthew 20:25-28; Philippians 2:5-8). The objective of the Gratis program is to meet the following goals:
  • To exemplify the Great Commission by meeting the spiritual and physical needs in our community.
  • To teach our students the importance of modeling the Gospel and showing the love of Christ to those in need.
  • To be a body of believers that strongly values service to others.

Ambassadors Club

Ambassadors Club reaches out to our international students that attend Atlantic Shores. It's an opportunity for students to build relationships, to help students become active in our school, and most of all, to share the love of Christ.

Director of Student Activites

Chris Glissman is the Director of Student Activities.  Mr. Glissman ministers to the student body, helping establish their Biblical Worldview in the classroom. Mr. Glissman also coordinates chapel services, community service opportunities, and facilitates student enthusiasm. 

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