Atlantic Shores Tuition Foundation

Atlantic Shores Tuition Foundation (ASTF) is an approved foundation under the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program; therefore, donors receive a 65% Virginia state tax credit in addition to the normal federal tax deduction for the remaining 35%. This is not a tax loophole; this tax credit program was designed specifically by the Virginia legislature for the purpose of providing under-privileged families with better educational opportunities.
It’s easy to give.
  1. Complete a Virginia Department of Education Preauthorization Form. This one-page Preauthorization Form can be found on this page or on
  2. Return the completed Preauthorization Form to ASTF in person or by mail.  For fastest processing, ASTF will electronically submit your Preauthorization Form directly to the VDOE secure website for approval. This preauthorization step must be completed before the donation can be made to Atlantic Shores Tuition Foundation (ASTF).
  3. Receive Confirmation of Preauthorization. ASTF will confirm by email that your Preauthorization Request has been accepted.
  4. Remit Payment with Preauthorization Notice. Return the Preauthorization Notice with your check made payable to ASTF in person or by mail.
  5. Receive Documentation of your Donation. ASTF will provide documentation of your donation to the VDOE. ASTF will provide the donor with a tax donation receipt and the VDOE will issue the donor a Tax Credit Certificate. This tax credit certificate is what you must include when filing your Virginia state income tax return.