International Students

Atlantic Shores Christian School has a unique international student program consisting of students from several countries. The students have hailed from Japan, Guatemala, India, Spain, England, France, Germany, China, Korea, Lithuania and many others.
We are blessed to receive students with a wide variety of talents and skills that have added so much to the rich diversity of our campus. The global perspective gained by American students is a welcome addition to our curriculum as we prepare all students for their calling in the world-wherever they may be after graduation. Global competence is necessary to achieve success in today’s marketplace or communities, and for this we know our international students play a key role.

Faith-Based Curriculum

ASCS welcomes students of other faiths, but our faith-based lessons all point to one Creator and what it means to seek God and become a follower of Christ. Though the academic standards are high, ASCS does not seek to “evangelize” international students, but they will be learning from a Christian Worldview. Natural parents and students must understand this from the start and the student must be willing to learn based on our mission statement and Biblical teaching standards. Teachers at ASCS are very thorough and always ready to answer questions as students explore a grace-filled faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Academic Excellence

ASCS offers nine dual enrollment courses, twenty-two advanced honors courses, college preparatory classes, and PSAT testing. Students may work towards achieving status in the National Honor Society, National Art and Music Society, and the Thespian Honor Society. The last three graduating classes have had an average SAT score of 1846. International students have also been recipients of scholarships at several US Universities. Our college counselor gives each international student individual attention in applying for college. International students are advised by a SEVP Designated School Official (DSO) during the last quarter of their senior year in how to prepare for the SEVIS transfer to the college level.


ASCS extracurricular activities are a gift to many of our international students! We welcome international students to try out for team sports, join band or choir, take up drama and take a role in a play, or join the forensic club. Many sports are available to our international students: football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, track, cross-country, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, softball, and golf. Local swims clubs are available for those interested in aquatics. Sports fees are included in the ASCS international student package. All international students receive free passes to all ASCS games/meets and receive a special ASCS spirit T-shirt.
This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. 8 CFR 214.3 (j)